Course Info

Course Info

Race Course Info

InlandXC is building a profile of as many XC courses as possible in the area. Ideally, we want a video vault of all the regional races so you know what you're facing when you race away from your home course, but that needs to wait while we figure everything out.

If you want your course online, let us know. We want it there, too. We'll arrange a time to try to do it for you, or look at our examples. It's not complicated to do, won't take long and we'll give you the credit for  the pictures and text we post.

The Blog - Races and Running Info

The Blog - Races and Running Info

Race Results

Exactly what is says -  race results from all the races InlandXC could get to.

Scroll down through the blog to find the race your team was at.

And remember that InlandXC is a work in progress. If you have suggestions, send them our way and we'll see how we can accommodate you.

If you are a budding journalist - or know someone who is, InlandXC would love to give you your own byline. InlandXC needs the help - one person can't cover the whole region.

Head over to the contact page if you're interested.

Let's go camping!

Let's go camping!

Running Camps

It's Summer - no school!

The Northwest offers an abundance of camps, each with a different focus. Time to check out our reviews.

Which one will work with you to achieve next year's goals? Read through the reviews. Where possible, we've included some interviews with the coaches who run the camps.

Each review has links that go directly to the camps if you want more information or decide you want to sign up for a camp.